Thursday, December 9, 2010

How to: Make Elegant Bath Cookies and Bath Tarts Part 3

I have been reminded that Bath Balls and Bombs, fizzing or flat, with or without oil have nothing to do with farming. Well, everyone in GriggsDakota takes a bath now and then, so I beg to differ. I do admit that I have strayed from my normal routine, however
It is almost Christmas and these would make good gifts for the Farm Inspector.
Today I will go through Recipe Three which is How to Make an Elegant Bath Bomb.
I bought raw cocoa butter online. It is available on Amazon and Ebay. It is also available at most
 drug stores. Ask your pharmacist.
The recipe calls for olive oil, but since I was using the fragrant cocoa butter, I decided to substitute the roasted almond oil. To melt the cocoa butter I put it in a cup with the almond oil and heated it in the microwave. The hot oil melts the cocoa butter, but not instantly. It took a few minutes to melt the chunks after the oil was hot.
I again used my mixer to mix the dry ingredients which include: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, Epsom salts, and powdered milk. I stopped the mixer to scrape the bowl a few times being sure to get to the bottom of the bowl. Keep the mixer speed at the lowest setting. Then drip in your oil/water mixture and mix well. I added 1/2 teaspoon almond extract to the water for extra fragrance.
I wanted these to be elegant so I pressed them into cookie cutters. To finish the sides of the bath cookies, I found a dry rag with a waffle pattern. I laid the filled cookie cutter on the cloth. 
 Then folded the cloth over the top and pressed it firmly between the waffle layers imprinting the design into the bath cookie.
I made a second batch of this recipe and colored it pink. I scooped the mixture with a tart pan. 
 Pressing it firmly against the side of the pan as I slid it to the top of the bowl.
A waffle pattern is pressed into the top. 
I lined my counter with parchment paper and these elegant bath cookies and bath tarts are drying before I package them into air tight bags.


  1. Love these! They're beautiful! Now I just need a bathtub that works so I can use them sometime! :)

  2. Jane!! I LOVE this idea! What a fun gift to make and give. You have inspired me and I would like to try your recipes soon. Did you buy the citric acid online? I'm sure 2 little girls in Wishek will really enjoy these gifts of love from Grandma! Take care. Anna S.

  3. I ordered citric acid on Ebay because it was the best deal, though it is also available on some bath and soap sites. Thank you reading the blog!