Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grain on the Go

After taking a holiday  
 for a long Christmas weekend 
We are again hauling grain.
Farmer Fred and Robbie fill the tank on the thirsty truck.
As Jake waits his turn with the semi
Which also needs a fill. 
Deer have visited the yard overnight to glean any spilled grain or hay. 
There are deer tracks in every yard.
The clear skies and light wind make us optimistic that the roads will be in good winter driving
Winter brings its own hardships. Hauling grain is not just a matter of loading up. Snow must be pushed out of the area near the bin. 

Off to the bin site to begin loading.
They have the grain vac set up to fill the truck as the tractor finishes clearing snow from the area.
It takes hours of patient work to clear the large areas necessary to maneuver the trucks.
The trucks are not made for driving in ice and snow. They slip and slide, especially when empty.
The grain vac, with Robbie's assistance, finishes filling the truck for Farmer Fred.
As the trucks deliver the 2010 crop to the elevator, our part of the process is completed.
 The grain from GriggsDakota travels out to the world.

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