Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter Wheat Growing

The winter wheat is up and growing. 
The tough little plants are soaking up sunshine  
 and some are soaked in water.
My boots left the fields muddy. These are my tracks. They are not as delicate as the deer tracks I saw! I knew I was in trouble when my I heard a sucking noise as I lifted my foot with each step.
The field inspection found most of the winter wheat in fine shape. 
Standing water dooms winter wheat and there are spots where we will have water kill. We are concerned about water on field because the sloughs are full, the ground is soaked, and freeze up is around the corner.
There seems to be enough stubble and growth to catch the snow that is sure to fall. That will provide the needed warm blanket for the roots of the hardy winter wheat seedlings. How much snow the winter brings and how it melts will play a part in determining the success of the winter wheat crop in GriggsDakota.


  1. huh, I would have thought that ND would be too cold for winter wheat and that you'd be forced to plant spring wheat... does the continuous snow cover make the difference or maybe is my info out of date?

  2. Recently developed winter hardy varieties have greatly improved our opportunity to grow winter wheat. There is always a bit of a gamble, because it does need a full blanket of snow to keep our soil temperatures above zero degrees fahrenheit. Winter wheat is now being grown further North than this on the Canadian prairie. Thanks for your comment. Jane