Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sterling Onyx Goes to Town

The work continues. There is still corn left to dry and haul.
 Farmer Fred is going to take a load of corn to the elevator. Sterling Onyx is fired up!
 He pulls onto the highway in record time.
His diesel engine purrs despite the load of corn.
 Pulling by
 Is easy as pie!
 There is no line this morning, which is unusual during this season's harvest.
 Farmer Fred stops Sterling Onyx on the scale and disembarks.
 The crew from the elevator open the center door of the box and corn pours out. All three panels open, so no scooping out the corners.
 Samples are taken from the load.
 Much can be learned by simply getting a close look at the corn. Sight, smell, and temperature all give an indication of what shape the corn is in.
 The corn falls through the floor grate and into the pit. Eventually it will be shipped out on a 
Unit Train which we told you about last March. The link will take you to that post.
 As Sterling Onyx and Farmer Fred finish dumping the truck, the others go to the office to run tests and weigh the corn.
 This corn is dry and ready to sell. Sterling Onyx is weighed empty and then is given the all clear.
 Farmer Fred returns to the driver's seat and heads for home. Sterling Onyx will get to know this road well as the 2010 crop is 
hauled in the coming months.

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  1. Love this post, Jane K.! I have not driven truck into an elevator for so many years and through your photos I felt like I was doing it again!! Oh, I miss that farm life!!

    Blessings....Rennae and "boys"