Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Fence

 Farmer Fred is very familiar with snow fences. They are temporary fences built to stop blowing snow, or to keep snowmobiles and skiers from cutting across an area during the winter. We have a prevailing Northwest wind that blows the cold and snow down. That is the direction from which most snow drifts into GriggsDakota.
We decided to try to protect the road and bin site.
 Last winter the snow drifted across this field,
blew over the road and drifted up around the bins. 
We spent hours moving snow and there is no getting around that. We are just hoping to reduce the amount of snow that we have to move this winter.
The fence must be sturdy because of our severe winds and, of course, snow. 
Strong wooden slat rolls of fencing, sturdy steel fence posts, and heavy wire clips make up the fence. We did research online and discovered advice on how to make the fence even more effective, but this year we are making a simple, straight fence on the ground. 
 This fence is an experiment. If it helps to reduce the snow on the road and by the bins, we may try improving our 
methods in the future. 
I'll be updating your from time to time as the winter progresses. 
So far, so good.

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