Friday, November 12, 2010

How to: Christmas Stockings and a Tree Skirt from an old Quilt

Power On Kirsti (formerly known as Farmhand Kirsti, but she has moved on) is a rummage sale fan. Last summer she brought home this quilt. It was king sized and had one bad area on it. It was not usable on a bed, but had lots of beautiful quilted area to reclaim as something else. The fabric is white and washed up to be snowy and fresh. There were pink flowers with yellow centers on the quilt. But with the red flowers and green vines, I immediately thought Christmas.
 Oh what fun! 
The middle of the quilt design included four red flowers on a vine. I have a serger with a rolled hem option, so I threaded red thread into the machine. I made the tree skirt from the center of the quilt, using the quilt's design as my guide. It is approximately 40 inches square. From one corner of the tree skirt square, I cut diagonally to the center. Again, using the quilt as my guide, I cut out a small circle inside the flowers. I then serged the raw edges with the rolled hem. If I didn't own a serger, I would have used a zig zag stitch around the raw edges.  After finishing the edges, turn them under and stitch with a straight red stitch to hem.
I applied hook and loop tape to the diagonal opening so that the tree skirt will lay flat and securely around the bottom of the Christmas tree.
Stars as accents will provide a cowboy flair. I tied red grosgrain ribbon on the Star Shaped Bells and applied one to each corner. If you click on the link it will take you to the Hobby Lobby page where you can order these bells.
Soon the tree skirt looked like this. 
 There was still lots of fabric left from the edges of the quilt. Remember, it was king sized.
So I decided to make cowboy boot Christmas stockings.  
I used the scalloped edge of the quilt as the top of each boot. 
 A grosgrain ribbon hanger was attached with a machine bar tack.
Each boot was adorned with a star shaped bell spur.
I am going to share some instructions and advice with you, but if you don't sew, you will need more directions than you will find in this post. 
Before you start to make cowboy boot Christmas Stockings, stop and take a good look at
 cowboy boots. If you don't have real boots at home, study some photos.
Notice the shaft. The flower and vine pattern in the quilt translated into boot shaft stitching in my mind. 
Look at the toe. Some boots have stitching and some have tips applied over the leather on the toes.
I drew out my pattern which includes a quarter inch seam allowance.
I squared off the toe for easy sewing and turning.
And didn't worry too much about the top of the shaft as I was planning to use the quilt edge. The quilt I was using had a pretty scalloped edge. The edge of the quilt is often in excellent shape on three sides, even when the top and middle are well worn.
Remember that you will need a front and back for each boot. If your quilt has less usable area, choose another coordinating fabric for the back. Solid red or white felt could have been used on these boots, but I have plenty of fabric. I used a four thread serger stitch, which is very sturdy. Christmas stocking should be able to withstand the hands of excited children, so be sure to take the time to stitch them well. If using a standard sewing machine, stitch around each twice, once with straight stitch, and once with a zig zag. Notice that the V which separates the heel and sole of the boot is stitched with a standard machine.
My serger doesn't make sharp corners, so this will help keep the boot shape true. Stitch it twice to keep it solid.
 I squared the boot tip which makes for even turning. Go ahead and turn it right side out.
 The spur, another Star Shaped Bell from Hobby Lobby, is attached by hand, about four inches from the bottom of the heel.
The ribbon loop is attached at the back of the boot about one-half inch down from the top, so that the loop is up above the top of the boot itself. 
I hope Santa likes the boots. 
 New purpose for a cast off quilt that found its way to GriggsDakota.

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