Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finish Corn and Continue On

There is still snow in the ditches, but as long as no more shows up in the forecast, we are thrilled with our November weather.
Windy and above average temperatures have made the afternoons pleasant for corn harvest.
 It has gone smoothly. 
With luck, we will be done with our corn harvest tonight.
The corn is all going through the dryer. From the field in a truck, up the auger on the left of the photo above, into the wet bin, out of the wet bin by auger into our Neco grain dryer, dry corn out of the dryer, up the auger to the grain cart which serves as a holding bin. From there the corn is hauled to a bin or to the elevator.
The morning was beautiful with steam wafting around as the corn dried.
Cattleman Jim is returning from his early morning check of the cattle on corn stover.
Though the morning seemed idyllic, there is a big decision to be made as the sun rises. We have the opportunity to do custom corn harvesting. Should we do it? 
Farmer Fred called in the Farm Inspector for a consultation.
They spent time discussing the pros and cons.
And decided to give it a try. We will continue combining corn for a few more days by custom corn combining.
 Suddenly there was a roar from Old Red. He has wanted to retire, but was rebuilt just a couple of years ago and has been working hard for months during this harvest season. He simply cannot continue without more help. He's found his coworkers to be unreliable lately, and he will not go on unless we find a way to lighten his load. 
So beyond the beautiful sunrise, a drama unfolded in GriggsDakota. What will Farmer Fred do? I'll tell you more, tomorrow.

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  1. The Farm Inspector loves her CaseIH sweatshirt. Love the photos and great harvest story you are telling all of your blog readers Mom! Fantastic.