Monday, November 29, 2010

Eager Beavers

The Fall season has been wet in GriggsDakota and we have water in all the sloughs and creeks. This creek has become home to an impressive series of beaver dams.
 The water is still running, even as freeze up is upon us. The sound of running water is attractive to beaver. They listen for the sound and build dams to stop it. Work, work, work, that is the life of a beaver. If you would like to learn more about Beavers in Dakota click on the link to learn more.
 The beaver are generally nocturnal, but we do see them occasionally in GriggsDakota. It was all quiet when I visited their stomping grounds recently, but their presence was unmistakable.
Trees had been chewed off 
 dragged across the trail
into the grass 
and down a well worn beaver path. 
 They cut these trees to eat and build an underground home with an air vent to keep them snug through the cold winter.
 Their flat tail packs mud and reeds into useful structures. Their fur coat becomes thick and dense. Beaver pelts have traditionally been prized for their extreme warmth. 
The perseverance and adaptability of the beaver allows them to survive the GriggsDakota winter.

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