Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dakota Flyway: Geese!

From a distance as we drive through GreaterDakota, there seemed to be a bit of snow in a low spot near the pond. 
Almost part of the marsh, but alive with movement.
The snow geese and blue geese, joined by a few local Canada geese are migrating through to warmer weather. 
Salt and pepper on the ground and in the sky.
Many migrating geese were hatched this season and only recently received their pilot's license.
 When flying North last Spring their migratory flight was organized and precise.
Today the geese appear at home on the ground. While they rest, it's party time. Cackling and calling to friends and strangers, they eat, drink and rest.
Then the air fills with the sound of beating wings as they circle around and return.
 The geese are not ready to organize their air force into purposeful flight.
They are having too much fun basking in the abundance they discovered in GreaterDakota.

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