Monday, November 8, 2010

Cover Crop, Delicious!

 The cover crop that we planted in August has been flourishing with our rainy late Fall.
 I admit to teasing Farmer Fred a little when he planted vegetables at that time of year.
He was confused, I proclaimed. We cannot raise Fall gardens in GriggsDakota! 
It is surely foolishness to expect any real growth at that time of year.
Instead of eating my words, I tasted a radish. Spicy and not as tender as some, but edible.
And cooked some turnips. Delicious!

The cattle agree.
Save the hay for later. They are happily munching on the GriggsDakota cover crop.

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  1. Many years ago I planted rape with oats. The sheep liked it but I quit when herbicides became available. I wonder if the cost of the seed justifies the grazing benefits. Anyhow it made the "news".