Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corn Complete 2010 - On to Custom Combining

The GriggsDakota 2010 harvest is complete. The corn was the last crop waiting in the field and it now in the bin or the elevator.
 Except for the acres that we had to leave because it was too muddy to run the combine over.
 We may be able to get back to those spots after the ground freezes.
 If the cold comes without snow, the ground freezes and supports the combine.
 Notice the corn residue clinging to the tires. It is plastered on with mud. We are relieved to be done and happy that there is not too many acres of corn left behind in the field.
We started the custom combining job later in the day and have been working there every day. Farmer Fred enjoys getting onto another farm to see what he can learn. They have planted different varieties on this farm and use some different equipment and methods. 
The corn ground is muddy on this farm, as well.
We are running the trucks on the roads and trails. Although we have been careful, we have gotten the truck stuck in the mud.
 Old Red is still on the job.
But he takes it a little easier now that Sterling Onyx has arrived.
It feels good to be helping out a neighbor. Everyone knows we're working on borrowed time. The unseasonably warm weather won't last in November. 
This afternoon, I thought that we were losing our sky. It seemed that the weather that had been forecast was rolling in. 
But whatever those clouds were, they kept moving and the moon was shining at twilight. We continued combining corn near GriggsDakota. 

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