Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to the Cornfield

It's been chilly in GriggsDakota and there is still snow visible. 
 The wind plastered it into the tree bark and it has not melted off on the Northwest side of the trees.
Snow was driven into everything, by our fierce winds.
The snow geese and blue geese were flying through over the weekend and they spent some time hiding out of the wind. They are barely visible across the pond and I don't want to scare them up while hunters are spying on them from the road.  They deserve a rest.
There is some wind damage in the corn field. 
Most of the stalk damage occurred above the cobs, so it's messy but not devastating. 
There's water in the low spots and the field is muddy. 
But, we are not worried, yet.
We are going to get back to the corn this week.
We will not be returning to the Summertime temperatures that we have enjoyed. 
With our short days and cold nights, the ground is more likely to freeze than dry out.
Here comes November.


  1. Pictures tell quite a story!!! Not ready for winter just yet. We have not had a frost yet in Eastern Nebraska.

    Brent Pohlman

  2. Wow. Beautiful sunset pictures. As pretty as any ocean view. Hope you get the rest of the corn in.