Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alfalfa Ready to Rest

Remember last Spring when we planted alfalfa in the canola field?
Farmer Fred was hoping the alfalfa would take off and get a chance to fully develop after the canola was harvested.
The period from canola harvest to freeze up would be important to the long
 term productivity of the alfalfa.
 I stopped by recently and things were looking good in the alfalfa field.
The canola stalks look like chop sticks that have rained into the thriving alfalfa.  

 We have had an abundance of Fall moisture and a late freeze. It looks like we could cut a crop right now, but we won't.
And, turn around girls. There will be no Fall grazing, either.
We want the surface  trash and new growth to catch snow and blanket the roots of the alfalfa through the winter.
So the cattle will have sweet alfalfa hay next season and beyond.

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