Thursday, October 28, 2010

Windy, but We're Lucky

The massive weather system that was predicted didn't miss us. The wind has been brutal and the temperature is still dropping. However, because the air and ground were warm when all this started, this storm has not seemed terrible. I have seen photos from other parts of the country that show terrible results from this storm and we feel lucky.
 We're lucky that the first snow is three weeks later than last year and there is less accumulated snow on the ground. The above photo marked the picturesque beginning of an October full of weather problems in 2009.
 The wind has made it difficult to say how much snow fell as some melted as it fell. We have two or three inches on the ground. It is predicted to melt within a couple days. We'll take that in October!
Above is a photo from last year when our corn harvest started in mid-November. We had beautiful weather and finished the harvest. We're not too worried about the corn remaining in the field. The cornstalks were still in good shape and we expect it will withstand the wind and weather without major damage. We have had lots of precipitation and mud will be an issue.  
 The farm cats are disgusted, especially the Spring kittens who are completely surprised by the snow.
For now, we are ignoring the weather as much as we can.
Watching the World Series
 And we're hoping that Autumn continues next week.