Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why We Pick Rocks

Rocks are everywhere in GriggsDakota.
We spend lots of time removing rocks from our fields.
There are useful rocks
Decorative Rocks
Rocks with Wisdom.
And rocks displayed with pride. We have been assured by experts that because of our climate, there will be and endless supply of rocks being pushed up to the surface every Spring. 
No matter how many we pick and pile, we will never run out of rocks. But it will be an ongoing project and here is why:
There are times, such as now when we are combining soybeans when our equipment sits right on the ground. Hitting a rock can damage the header.
The reel can pull a rock into the machine. The combine operator is always vigilant, but rocks are the enemies of equipment.
The rock picker did its job on this field and now we have soybeans in the bin and no rock damage to the combines here, in GriggsDakota.


  1. Rocks....my husband was spreading manure the other day on our ranch, on a rented tractor when a rock shot up from the spreader and shattered the tractor window....ugh! No bodily harm just costly damage. I love your rock display...beautiful!

  2. Nancy, I am so glad to see you commenting on here. YAY! Welcome to GriggsDakota.