Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still Making Bag Lunches

There are still bags in the kitchen nearly every day waiting patiently to be filled with a noon lunch.
Our work days end earlier, so we no longer bring suppers to the field. 
We have eaten lots of sandwiches during the harvest of 2010. Farmer Fred prefers that foods in the bag can be eaten on the run.
So we use our favorite trick to keep the cake or frosted bars neat in the package. We cut the piece horizontally and make the frosting into a filling. Just place the bottom of the piece on the top of the frosting before wrapping it up and stashing it in the bag.
I haven't counted how many meals we've assembled and delivered. Certainly hundreds. 
They are received with appreciation.
Are we brown baggers at heart or is it harvest? Whatever, we enjoy them. But at this time of year I'm on the lookout for a new idea and here it is:
 Thicken juicy sandwich fillings with instant mashed potatoes. Often a burrito filling or other hot sandwich mixture is too saucy to go into a bag. By the time it is eaten it is a soggy mess or it drips all over. To avoid this I have started adding instant potato flakes to absorb the excess juice.
It takes very little. I use less that a tablespoon, even for a big pan of filling. Sprinkle it on top of the hot filling in the pan like seasoning. Then stir it in and wait a minute to see if it needs any more. Remember:  It takes just a small amount to absorb the juice. You don't want to make the filling too dry and sticky.
It does not detract from the flavor of the filling at all and no drips.
A sprinkle of cheese and they are ready to wrap. This works equally well with filling on bread or buns.
 A few minutes in a hot oven and they are ready to pop into the bags. It is funny what a boost a simple new idea can be when applied to a
 daily chore. 
 The Farm Inspector is very pleased.
It's a happy day for everyone when an old dog learns a new trick in GriggsDakota.


  1. As our 2 year old grandson says...."Great idea Quesadilla" Marilyn

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