Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pleasant Days make Light Work

We are working hard, racing against the changing season.
We have been "burning the candle at both ends" by delivering barley to the elevator from early morning through early afternoon, then jumping on the combines to work on the soybeans.
The combines run until dark when dew settles into the plant. Although the beans inside the pods are dry, we cannot combine wet vines.
But, Farmer Fred is smiling.
Growing food for the world, working with family and friends, and unseasonably pleasant weather, all add up to a little bit of GriggsDakota magic.
This is most certainly true!


  1. Great Harvest Pictures - Thanks for Sharing
    Brent Pohlman

  2. Beautiful pictures! Bless God it was a plentiful and safe harvest. Thanks for feeding us all!

  3. It's been unseasonably warm in Indiana as well. Glad to see you are making progress with your harvest.