Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Pause in Corn Harvest

 We thought we were going to make it to the finish line with one last surge through corn harvest. Our corn harvest has been fraught with breakdowns and storage issues. And now we are on a weather break. After two days of rain, we are forecast to receive snow.
Our storage issues meant we were hauling out barley, as we were harvesting corn.
 That made for some hectic days, but the corn crop makes us smile as we struggled to keep up.
We have new bins in progress, but our harvest has been earlier than we expected, so they are not finished. Sorry, I couldn't keep the pelting raindrops (that contain just a bit of ice crystal in each) from my camera lens. Hence, the cloudy spots on the above photo.
Farmer Fred decided our corn could weather better on the cob than piled on the ground in a heap.
We expect this weather to be a temporary snow event, not one that lasts until April.
But today we are dealing with a 40-60 mile an hour blow and bracing for snow in GriggsDakota.


  1. Those are always such hard decisions to make! Farmers are the ultimate gamblers. We farm on a much smaller scale, and are always shocked and amazed to see the piles of corn on the ground indicating a lack of storage and/or a bumper crop. Hooray for a good year!

  2. Almost there! NP just sent me a few photos of the radar and snow on the prairie. I'm missing some intense weather this week! Love the photos Mom.