Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to: A Bowl from an old Record Album

Recently we stayed in a locally operated GreaterDakota hotel room with a music theme. There were framed albums on the wall and a little philosophy that was compatible with travel.
There were a couple of framed albums of Peggy Lee, who grew up in the area.
This framed classic was on the wall above the coffee station in the room.
The coffee packets were held in a bowl made from the album whose jacket was hanging above the coffee maker. I looked this over carefully and I think it was made by heating the album and molding it over another bowl or perhaps an old aluminum Jell-O mold.
It hurt to know that the music was gone from this vinyl forever. But, there are many long playing albums that are unplayable, I suppose, so now they can serve a purpose. It isn't a craft idea I'm going to try at home. Family and friends need not worry about me stealing their album collection. You won't get one for Christmas, but it made me smile on a night away from GriggsDakota.

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  1. I have seen those old records heated, molded and used as popcorn bowls. Cool!