Friday, October 8, 2010

How to: Alligator Hair Clip

We are making hair clips and this is part two, so if you missed yesterday's post, please go back and read it. Everything will make more sense.
You will need satin or grosgrain ribbon that is approximately 3/8 inch wide. It depends on the width of the clip you intend to cover as you will see.
The tools are the same as yesterday, hot glue guns, a tweezers, an awl or nut pick, scissors, doodads and hair clips.
We will cover and decorate an alligator hair clip. You can find these hanging on a card in the hair care aisle or buy quantities of them in craft stores. It has a pinch point on the end to open it up and a spring closing. There are different widths, structure such as teeth, and length. Most styles can be covered. The clip above was too long for a little girl's hair clip and so I simply snipped it off to the length I wanted, about two inches.
Start by pinching open the clip to apply a drop of hot glue on the inside near the spring. Do not get glue onto the spring.
Press the ribbon end onto the drop of glue and firmly press it in place with the tweezer. Use the awl and tweezers throughout the process in hard to reach spots.
Apply a ribbon of glue to the interior of the clip and secure with the tweezer.
Then fold the ribbon and apply to the top of the clip.
To avoid the clips springs, apply a small drop of glue to the top of each pinch point and squeeze the ribbon in place with your tweezer.
When you get to the interior measure how much ribbon you will need to complete the clip and snip the length. 
Then apply the glue and evenly secure the ribbon to the clip.
The covered clip will look like this
and it's time to decorate.
Although you want to keep the doodads light, this one can handle both a checked button and a ribbon rose.
Tie a loop at the end of a yard of ribbon, fill with clips and hang in your daughter's bedroom or wherever you fix her hair.
One of the joys of life is being able to make a choice.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. We are using the little orange clips today. The girls are wearing their pumpkin patch shirts with them. Great tutorial Mom.
    Happy Friday!