Monday, October 25, 2010

Farm Cats get a City Life

Farm Cats live a hard working life.
It's not that we never feed our cats, of course. But they only find plain, cheap, dry cat food in GriggsDakota. They can survive on that and fresh water, but most choose to hunt and we appreciate that. A farm is heaven for vermin of all kinds and our cats work hard to keep the rats, mice, and gophers at bay.
Whenever one of our kittens is chosen by someone to be a house cat, there is great rejoicing.
 These two beauties were chosen to move to the city. They were given real names. Orange kitten is "Tot" and Black kitten is "Meddy."  
 Their city life includes lots of attention and trips to the cat doctor. Meddy and Tot are learning to come when they are called. That is a trick that even the human children in GriggsDakota rarely master.
They learn to eat fancy food, use a litter box and good kitty manners. 
 Their master has learned that Meddy is very pretty,
And Tot is pretty smart. He keeps up with the news from home by following the blog!
We are all very proud in GriggsDakota. 

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