Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Empty Pinto Bean Fields

After weeks of checking for the stripe of maturity in our pinto beans, 
the pinto bean fields have taken on a striped appearance.
The beans are gone and the dry trash lays on top of the black GriggsDakota dirt.
The Pickett is running a couple of hours ahead of the combines which gives the beans a little time to finish drying out in our warm sunshine.
Long, straight rows of pinto beans are ready.
Jake arrives with the combine and soon the beans are separated from their pods
and are up in the hopper.
Our bean combines are adapted to harvest edible beans. They are equipped with rotors and screens specifically for these crops.
The beans are dumped in the truck waiting at the end of the field,
As Cattleman Jim returns to the field with the semi.
We still have a ways to travel on our fall harvest road. We hope to have more days like today with sunshine, wind, and warmth. 
Tonight we are thankful for the empty pinto bean fields in GriggsDakota.

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