Monday, October 18, 2010

Corn in the Bin

 The corn has been running pretty well and the trucks keep busy on their trips back and forth from field to bin site and back.
 The auger is set up and ready for the truck to back in and dump the load of corn.
We use a sophisticated apparatus to help the truck driver achieve accurate position when backing up to unload.
 Keep the back tire close to the stick beside it, and slowly roll back until it bumps the stacked 2x4's. A simple path to perfection.
Farmer Fred raises up the truck box with the hoist and opens the end gate.
Corn flows from the truck box through the end gate.
 The corn slides to the back as the box is raised which allows it to empty
 There is a safety grate above the auger that gathers the corn into a short auger.
That auger feeds the corn into the main auger that takes it to the opening at the peak of the steel grain bin and drops it in. 
 The corn is a little wet for safe storage so we are running the electric fans that blow air through the corn in the bin. We will sample it and keep the air flowing until it gets to 14.5 percent moisture which is safe for long term storage and delivery to the elevator. We will then turn off the fans.
 This process will go on as long as we have bin space. Some of the corn will go through the grain dryer which I will show you another day. 
The weather forecasters are promising a cooler, but dry week. We are hoping the October corn harvest will continue in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Corn in the bin is one step closer to corn sold and in the elevator. Love seeing the pics especially of the trusty old red truck that never seems to enter retirement age. :) Happy Monday!