Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful Cattle on the Cornfield

The weather is perfect for mid-October with mild temperatures and no wind.
 The cattle are waiting as Cattleman Jim finishes the fence around the field.
 They seem to know something is up and are milling around near the fence of the small pasture area where they are waiting. 
The old cows know the drill and head out when Cattleman Jim arrives and opens the gate. 
They walk slowly through the grass with their noses up and singing the "Cattle Call."
 Jim coaxes them along on his four-wheeler. Chasing cattle with a four-wheeler is not as romantic as using a horse, but usually more practical in GriggsDakota.
 The lead cows begin to jog as they realize the gate to the corn field is open. 
Their noses are down as soon as their hooves hit the field and the rush raises dust as the herd arrives.  
 They continue to push in through the gate and I am laughing as I witness their delight.
This forage must be dessert after a Summer of grass. I'm sure they have smelled corn on the wind during harvest. 
The last cow is restless and bellering as she smells the corn and walks through the gate. 
One of the most beautiful sights in GriggsDakota. 
Cattle on Corn. 
With plenty of room to wander. 

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  1. With so much buzz about grass fed beef versus corn fed beef I think you have given great visuals Mom to show how our cattle are grazed in GriggsDakota.