Friday, October 15, 2010

AdFarm 2010: Officially Corn

The view from the lone tree showed corn stubble and dust in the air.
Harvest had begun on the AdFarm cornfield.
The sun was high overhead and the air was warming as I arrived to check out the progress.
The ground trash was pretty clean and well spread indicating things are dry in the field, a good sign.
Most cobs are picked clean by the combine leaving no kernels behind. The partial cob on the right did not make it through the combine. Possibly the plant was not standing upright or the cob was near the ground. 
Unloading on the go is a real time saver during corn harvest when we unload the combine hopper often.
The corn head has been attached to the combine.  
The spikes on the head follow between the rows, allowing the machine to cut and separate the cobs from the dry plant.
Everything was running smoothly on yet another beautiful October day in GriggsDakota.
AdFarm can breathe a sigh of relief as the sun sets over the lone tree and the cornfield is empty.
And now a special message to the Shareholders from the Farm Inspector:
"Congratulations AdFarmers! 
You now officially have Corn!"


  1. I'm a new reader. What (or who) is AdFarmer?

    Great photos!

  2. AdFarm, an agricultural communications company, rents a patch of GriggsDakota ground each year and their employees have the opportunity to buy a share in the crop. To learn more about AdFarm, click on the sidebar link. The blog posts labeled AdFarm update shareholders through the season. We casually refer to AdFarm shareholders as AdFarmers just for fun. Thank you for following our blog.

  3. Yeah! Thanks for beautiful photos, Jane.