Monday, September 6, 2010

Wild Dakota Sky

The morning dawned with a red sky.
We assumed that we would have rain as that was the official forecast.
And red morning sky is often the foreshadow of rain during the day. The day became cloudy, but no rain. The clouds broke up in the late afternoon.
   North Wind is ready to blow. Our days are cooler now. It seemed that there is the face of the Cold hiding in this cloud. What is he bringing? We are in a season of change.
The sun set red which could mean fair weather tomorrow. In GriggsDakota, we don't care if the sky tells truth or lies. It's wild, unpredictable, and brings us the light and the darkness. That is enough.
Be sure to work extra hard today in honor of Labor Day. That's our way of celebrating. 
Happy Labor Day!

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  1. I spent many a days growing up laboring around the farm on labor day. My parents tried to fool us when we were little that farm lablor was what you were supposed to do on this day. beautiful pics of the sky!!!