Monday, September 13, 2010

Wet September

We have had over three inches of rain in GriggsDakota in the last week. The cover crops are lush and green, but it's time to turn off the faucet.
Some of the cover crop is standing in water.
We had hoped to use the flax and barley cover crop to take excess moisture from the ground and it surely helped to do that as it germinated.
But parts of the field are so wet that the cover crop couldn't establish itself. We want to plant winter wheat on this ground, so want sunny and windy days to dry it up enough to get that work done soon.
The sloughs in the area are full and we expect them to stay that way until freeze up.
The cover crop mix of lentils, turnips, and radishes is flourishing.
The above picture shows the spattering of mud on the tender turnip leaves, but the plants are looking fine in the breezy sunshine.
The abundant rains have caused every weed seed and dropped kernel to sprout in the harvested barley stubble.
The red white-faced cows with their black white-faced calves can hardly believe their good fortune as they graze the tender green barley stubble. I made no move to chase them off! Spring sweetness on a mid-September day is lucky enough in GriggsDakota.

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