Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunflower Checkup

The sunflower heads have become heavy as they fill with seeds.
The no longer follow the path of the sun through the sky.
But remain bowed to the rising sun, even as it passes overhead and sets in the West.
These two looked like lovebirds, but there were no blackbirds in sight and I did not notice bird damage in the field.
These three were dancing above the others in the field. The sunflowers look like they are filling to the center. It was so muddy that I did not walk out into the field, but took photos from the ditch where sod could hold me up. It's very wet in the field and the low spots are holding water.  
There's still a long road ahead for the sunflowers.


  1. Love it! Do you sell the seed for bird seed?

  2. There are both confection and oil seeds raised in the area. The best confection seeds are processed as food and top oil seeds are hauled to a crushing plant. Birdseed is a lower grade of either type, so it depends on harvest quality.

  3. Thanks! I've gotten to take photos of sunflowers a few times, always picked peak of bloom though... the colors are so bright! Good reminder on how the maturity process goes. And best of luck with maintaining quality.