Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seeding 2011 Winter Wheat

When seeding winter wheat in GriggsDakota it is a good idea to leave the stubble on the field in tact. This season, we make an exception. Jake is running the Salford over it to help dry the ground.
It doesn't take long before Bill can seed with the Concord Air Drill.
The pass with the Salford cuts though the barley stubble and spreads the residue out. It is just enough to allow the drill to operate smoothly.
We're hoping the remaining ground trash will be enough to catch snow and keep the winter wheat under a blanket of snow this winter.
The canola ground has been seeded without the need of the Salford pass. 
The stiff canola stubble is a bit taller and seems ready to protect the seedbed by catching the cold dry snow as it blows by. 
The Concord Drill on the horizon looks like a toy in the distance as we are thinking Spring on a cool September day in GriggsDakota.

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