Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pinto Beans Hauled Away

Farmer Fred is delivering a load of contracted pinto beans to the receiving station.
The first stop is the scale where the truck is weighed with a box full of pinto beans.
Farmer Fred is directed to back up to the conveyer by Marlo, who, after recording the loaded truck weight, comes over to supervise the delivery of the beans.
Farmer Fred rolls up the tarp that covers the truck box.
He then goes to raise the box by engaging the hoist.
 Notice the belt that is running under the tube. A conveyer lifts the beans up to the bin to avoid splitting or chipping the beans. It is preferred to a conventional auger in all commodities where splits and chips are an issue such as beans, soybeans, and field peas.
The endgate is opened and pinto beans begin to flow out of the truck and up the conveyer to the bin. 
Marlo will take a sample of beans and if you click on the picture, you will see he has a long handled scoop in one hand and a sample pail in the other.
He watches our pinto beans come out of the truck box, taking a small sample every few minutes and adding it to the pail.
The engine of the tractor runs the power take off which powers the conveyer as it lifts the beans and drops them into the bin.

Farmer Fred can use this tool to reach into the corners of the box and scoop out the last of the beans before closing the endgate and lowering the hoist.
When Marlo has gathered his sample, he goes to the office in his golf cart leaving Farmer Fred to finish dumping the load.
The first thing Marlo does in the office is put the sample of pinto beans into this beautiful contraption that looks like an exotic coffee urn.  I think it spins and separates the beans from the trash, leaving a clean sample.
Marlo needs a clean, 300 gram sample which he weighs.
The beans are tested for moisture
They get their temperature taken.
Meanwhile, Farmer Fred has finished unloading the beans and is driving back onto the scale to weigh the empty truck. Simple subtraction will tell the weight of the load of beans.
Farmer Fred comes out of the office with a scale ticket that contains all we need to know about the pinto beans, but there is one number that means the most to Farmer Fred.
This number makes the long summer of work worthwhile. 

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