Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pinto Bean Harvest 2010

Farmer Fred took the combine out to do the head lands on our pinto bean field.
Notice that there is quite a bit of trash spread out on the ground.
Some of it is unharvested beans.
The pinto bean pods are off the ground, but hang close to it. We are finally enjoying sunshine, warm temperatures, and wind which will help to dry out the crops that are still in the field.
The combine's flex-head lays on the ground as it cuts off the stems and sends the dried plants through the combine.
The process will result in some bean loss, but the cleared area behind the combine provides a place to maneuver at the end of the field. 
Click Here to step back in time and visit last year's first day of pinto bean harvest. The post includes photos and explanation of how our Pickett works. It is our preferred method of cutting pinto beans.
The loss of beans that Farmer Fred sees on the ground is unacceptably high.
Jake and Farmer Fred are up making adjustments before they continue opening the first field.
The weather is forecast to stay sunny and dry so we plan to get the beans harvested this week.

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  1. As always the diversity of your crops amazes me. Ott, E has some farmers that have finished all their harvesting for this year (corn and soybeans) which is pretty early in these parts. Hope you all stay safe!