Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Cleaning - More Manure

Remember last Spring when we cleaned up the cattle yard? Click Here to visit our Spring Cleaning post.
We called Mr. Retzlaff again to finish getting pens cleaned out for winter.
Because of all the rain, it is not as dry as we expect September to be in the yard.
But we can maneuver in the smaller pens
Scoop up the manure 
and not end up with loads that are full of ice and snow.
We haul it out of the yard
and down the road
 onto nearby fields.
On this field, Grandpa Sonny is driving to what he calls the sour spots. These are less productive areas in the field that can benefit most from the application of the rich manure.
The waste from the cattle pens contains organic matter that will sweeten the productivity of the soil, despite the putrid smell. Well rotted or not, fall manure spreading carries an odor.
By tomorrow the odor will be gone and the fields will hold the rich loamy fertilizer. Remember, even this waste is not free fertilizer because of the cost of equipment and man hours. The pens must be cleaned out to give the cattle a comfortable winter and we expect it will be worth it in GriggsDakota.

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