Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Iron

The Farm Inspector called to tell me that the Big Iron Farm Show was underway in Fargo.
The Farm Inspector was busy this week, so she sent her assistant to take me around Big Iron.
I was excited to see what is new
and Big.
There was a BIG Degelman prototype manure wagon
And lots of things made of IRON or a derivative.
I especially enjoyed the Haybuster display. Click on the above photo, notice that there is a stack of tote bags hanging from the fence post. No one took more than one.
 The Honor system was working here.
I steered clear of the Horticulture Health Screening.
But was fascinated by the map of where Big Iron Farm Show attendees call home. All over the region, of course, and some from around the country. It was the biggest show in its 30 year history with 900 exhibits and three day attendance expected to top 80,000. They opened up more booth space than ever before and still had a waiting list of companies willing to set up for  
Big Iron.
The world map impressed me. American Agriculture is indeed teaching the world about farming and Big Iron is part of the education. From the CaseIH booth it was possible to board a bus and tour their tractor plant.
I promised the Farm Inspector that I'd take a picture of cute boys.
The Farm Inspector's assistant found her favorite Iron in the show, a Case IH 8120 Combine.
She managed to get Farmer Fred to look it over, but sadly, the SOLD sign in the window does NOT mean that this machine is finding a home in GriggsDakota.
Farmer Fred moved on to inspect more Big Iron.
We visited with our friends at The Red River Farm Network who broadcast their show from Big Iron on all three days and hosted the US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.
We learned a little about thinking outside the barrel by burning wood or corn cobs.
We learned about tires.
We thought that we could really use a brand new Bobcat.
But, we are not in the driver's seat of that either.
 Big Iron is a good place to dream and a great place to learn about new equipment and ideas. In GriggDakota we want to continue to do exactly that.
The Farm Inspector is racing toward the future.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We had a similar show here in Indiana called the Farm Progress Show and one year it was in my hometown. For a small town that was a really BIG DEAL!!!

  2. I really wish we could have brought that combine home! Great recap Mom.

  3. Hey Hey,

    Al with the Titan Outlet Store here. I saw so many of the things you took pictures of at Big Iron - what a great show! is where you can find our inventory (we have a lot of combines right now!) Let me know what you (and Farmer Dad) are looking for as far as hours, year, size, price range, etc. and we'll give you a better answer :)

    Keep up the great work, I love the way your blog is set up!

    -Al Winmill

  4. Turned out excellent reportage. Keep it up.