Monday, September 20, 2010

AdFarm Corn: Singed by Frost

Corn in the AdFarm field was singed by frost in the early morning of September 18th.
The Pioneer 39D97 is dented and this frost was not alarming.
The upper four feet of the plants were crisp by Sunday when this photo was taken.
But the canopy had held the heat near the ground.
The cobs are beginning to tip.
This photo from last season shows the color of fully ripe corn stalks.
When fully ripe, the cobs are tipped over with the silks down.
 September heat units are well below average, so the summer heat was essential to maturing the AdFarm 2010 crop.
The darkening at the tip of the kernel is an indication of maturing corn and is referred to as the black layer. It darkens as sugars turn to starch.
There are lots of cobs, keep your fingers crossed. 

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