Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AdFarm Corn: Dented

The farm inspector, also chief corn consultant, decided to check out the AdFarm corn field and went west from the lone tree.
She put her hands in the air, just as she did on The Fourth of July when she last inspected this field. She announced, "It's bigger!" 
Indeed it is, even from Farmer Fred's shoulders.
Farmer Fred picked a random cob to check.
Fully dented by Labor Day.
But the farm inspector wanted to know what we were going to do with this cob. She didn't want to eat it herself and knows better than to simply throw it on the ground.
Sheyenne comes eagerly to receive a cob of corn as a treat.
For horses, it's like candy.
The corn cob was completely eaten: corn, silk, husk, and cob. Like most things on the farm, nothing was wasted and the farm inspector went home happy.

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