Friday, August 27, 2010

Yes, Pelicans

Pelicans like to spend their summer in GriggsDakota. There are spots where pelicans nest in North Dakota, but the pelicans here usually arrive in July. As the Summer and Fall progress, their groups enlarge. They are easy to spot, flying in formation from one area to another until they fly off for a warmer climate.
A couple of years ago our dog, Butler, dragged a decomposing pelican carcass into the yard. It had an aluminum band on its leg that was too worn for us to read clearly. We reported the band and mailed it in, because the numbers could not be deciphered.
Eventually, Farmer Fred received a certificate of appreciation containing
 pertinent information about the bird. It was over 15 years since it had been banded. 
 Sometimes pelicans cooperate while seeking food, circling the edge of the water in a line. They dunk their heads into the water, then lift them out, pointing their beaks upward. They bob their heads slightly, then repeat, keeping a line and sweeping the edge for whatever is there. I assume snails, fish, and I hope lots of other slimy creatures such as salamanders.
For those who are interested Click Here to find a story on Pelicans in North Dakota.
Thank you to commenter Mat for expressing surprise that we have pelicans in GriggsDakota. Your interest inspired this post.

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  1. Thanks! I've only seen them on the Gulf coast but now read they summer well up in to Canada.