Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Splash

There was a wall of rain that we drove into on our way home.
I was behind the wheel, so Joseph grabbed the camera.
We were about 20 miles away and wondered if the rain had started in GriggsDakota.
I was too wimpy to walk out into the field, so I took this from the dry safety of my pickup. The soybeans were perking up as the moisture fell from the sky. There will be some crop loss from our hot dry spell, but now there is still a chance we will have something to harvest.
Surrounding areas had more rain
But we were thankful for an inch and a quarter of rain in GriggsDakota.
Little streams on the side of the road
And mud puddles were a welcome sight.
The sun came out last evening and the rain was over.
The sun came up this morning in the fog.
The fog burned off quickly and it was back to hot August.
Now that our green crops have had their drink of water, we hope the fog is replaced with dry dusty barley harvesting days ASAP. 

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