Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot August

We continue harvesting barley in GriggsDakota. We keep the swathers about a day ahead of the combines. The grain is now dry, but the straw is too wet to go through the combines without drying out in a swath.
The combines, grain carts, and trucks form parades from field to field.
These two white tail deer fled the barley field. They didn't really want to leave. Instead they dashed from shelter belt to slough until it became clear that all of this field would be covered by the noisy combines. There are deer all over and I see several every day.
As the truck leaves the field, you can see the dust behind it.
Our dirt trails and gravel roads have turned to powder during the dry August. It is actually better  as the roads are firm under our heavy truck loads of grain and harvesting equipment.
The soybeans, which require consistent moisture, looked parched in our ninety degree fahrenheit temperatures.
I drove by this field today and there are spots where the soybeans are dying. The soil is sandy and the soybeans are out of moisture. The showers have been missing us lately.
Corn, and sunflowers have a deeper root structure and seem to be weathering fine, so far. There is chance of rain tomorrow, but until it rains we will be diligently working on the barley harvest.
The green leaf looked like a defiant tongue sticking out of the open mouth on this cast off tire. It was on the edge of a field near an old yard. It made me smile on a hot August evening in GriggsDakota.


  1. Great pictures. There was lots of barley where I grew up and I miss seeing it.