Monday, August 30, 2010

Canola 2010 Completed

The mornings have been dawning with cooler temperatures, which means it takes longer for the fields to dry out and be ready for the combines.
We spend our time servicing the machines and moving things around.
We hope to finish combining canola and were anxious to get started.
Farmer Fred moved the truck to the edge of the field. The canola seed is so light that we must take the wind direction and velocity into account each day so that the canola doesn't blow away while being unloaded.
As the day progressed we moved to the last field and had the end in sight.
No showers and mild temperatures prevailed. We finished.
Darkness had closed in as the final truckload of canola pulled off the field.
Shine on harvest moon up in the sky.


  1. Glad your harvest went well and everyone was safe.

  2. Loving your posts Jane Kirsti!! I look for them every morning!! You are amazing and your document every detail so well!!

    Love the harvest me singing the words to the song!! Glad your harvest is going well!! Fun having Robbie in town!! yeah

    Love- R and "boys"

  3. I'm so happy canola harvest is complete so we can all be football fans together tonight! See you soon.

  4. Happy to hear things progressing. How are yields overall in your canola and barley? Thanks for the blogging

  5. The yield hinged on the quality of the ground it was planted to and the moisture it received. Barley ranged from 50-100 bu/acre. Canola had similar variations in yield. Overall it was an above average crop of barley and canola.