Thursday, August 5, 2010

Barley takes a Nap

Be very quiet. We don't want thunderstorms to wake our barley. After much deliberation, Farmer Fred decided to let the barley take a short nap.
It needs to rest a bit while it dries out enough to combine,
 and so we are laying it down with our swathers.
Rain brings stains and sprouting which are unacceptable in malting barley. We prefer to let the crop stand to dry down, but this year, it has not happened. The heads are now fully ripe and ready for a nap.
We aim for the highest malting standards when raising barley and try to keep the brew masters happy with the GriggsDakota product.
So far so good. The weather forecast gave us hope that it would be safe to swath our barley. 

But Farmer Fred never counts on a crop that is in the field. Rain now could turn this crop into feed barley quickly. The difference in price is devastating. 
A short nap is all that it needs. The combines will be here soon. 
Quiet down Rain, Wind, Thunderclap.... 
Let the Barley take a Nap.


  1. Hi Jane Kirsti- These photos are AWESOME!! ...and the crop looks bountiful!! yeah!!

    Love your is who we are as farmers, farmer's daughters, and you as a farm wife!!

    Good luck with your harvest....Rennae J

  2. Excellent photo, excellent crop for you!