Monday, August 9, 2010

Barley 2010

With our Winter Wheat harvest complete
We have spent the last few days concentrating on Barley.
The weather has been perfect for harvesting.
There have been times that rain seemed likely.
But the only raindrops I've seen, fell out of this blue sky onto my windshield as I was on my way out to the field.
The soybeans and other green crops need rain. The soybeans are showing signs of heat stress.
But we are not rainmakers, so we enjoy the hot August harvest days.
The assistant farm inspector came for a few days.
She took this photo of the many bag meals we pack up and deliver to the field twice a day.
The inspector enjoyed a meal on the deck. We discussed important farm issues:  The wonders of Strawberry Pop
And whether a spider should live or die. We decided she should live, since she was outside and eats mosquitos.
Grandpa is still running the 1682.
Barley harvest will continue this week, as the weather permits.
Red sky at night, Farmer's delight, especially with Barley in swaths.

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