Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Alfalfa Takeover

In June our field of canola seeded with alfalfa was a mass of green. The photo was taken shortly before the canola started to bloom.
Just before harvesting the canola, the field looked like this. The alfalfa was thriving and ready to take over.
The cut stems of the swathed canola stand in sharp contrast to the round softness of the alfalfa.
For the next couple seasons we expect alfalfa to grow here and produce a crop of hay. Depending on summer moisture, there could be multiple cuttings of alfalfa each season of production.
The alfalfa will get an early start from in the Spring from its well developed root system. That will make it ready for first cutting in June of 2011.
The canola got ahead of the alfalfa this season and produced its crop.
Now the alfalfa can bask in the sunshine until freeze up, keep warm under a blanket of snow caught in the stubble provided by the canola, and flourish for seasons to come in GriggsDakota.


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