Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unplanted Weedy Patches

Wherever weeds are growing in GriggsDakota, they are a problem. 
Because of our wet Spring, there were areas in some fields that could not be planted. Weeds have grown up, well, like weeds! 
Since it is now dry enough to get into our prevented plant areas, it is important to get rid of the weeds before they go to seed.
Farmer Fred took our ditch bank mower out to mow down the problem.
Each weed has the potential of producing thousands of seeds when left to mature.
Weed seeds pose a threat to production in future seasons as they are carried around GriggsDakota by wind, birds, or critters. They drop to the ground, remain dormant through the winter, and sprout in a future season. Some weed seeds can survive in dormancy for many years.
An ounce of prevention is the time spent today clipping weeds. The pound of cure is fewer weeds in GriggsDakota fields in the future.

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