Friday, July 9, 2010

Haul Away 2009

With the fields ripening we need to finish hauling out last year's crop.
Farmer Fred was using the grain vac to fill our truck with wheat. This machine makes grain hauling easier, but it is still a labor intensive process.
The grain vac hose sucks the grain from the bottom of the bin.
The vacuum is powered by the tractor's PTO.
As the bin empties, Farmer Fred removes the upper door panel. Soon he will have to enter the bin and grab the hose to complete the vacuum project.
The grain remaining inside is sliding down toward the vacuum hose of the grain vac.
A swirled cone shape forms in the grain above the hose as it continues to remove grain from the bin. 
When the bin is empty, it will be carefully swept with brooms to get it ready for our 2010 crop. Machines make our work easier, but grain hauling is still dusty, itchy, hard work.

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