Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Harvest 2010 Begins

Checking fields has become a daily event. 
The leaves have dropped off the canola stalks and the seeds are dark in the pods.
The Ladybug was checking out a ripe canola pod. Notice the tiny seeds through the skin of the pods. To Ladybug's right you can see the top of a canola stalk where
 blossoms were unable to produce podsLikely this was the result of hot
Canola is where the harvest will begin in 2010.
Today we will swath it.
Then, let it cure in the field while we harvest our wheat and barley.
A hawk was circling overhead hoping to spot some dinner scurrying around where the canola has been cut away.
The canola is not evenly ripe as you can see in this photo. The low ground on the edge of the field is still green, but really riper than the photo indicates.
The swathers cut the tangled crop and the roller packs it down to keep it from blowing around.
We had a little rain shower this morning and the canola is easier to swath when it is damp.
Harvest is what we work toward all season. It has begun in GriggsDakota.

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