Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cultivating Pinto Beans

Robbie was on the job early this morning.
The pinto beans were waiting for a cultivator pass.
A cultivator pass now will make harvest easier.
The cultivator knocks out weeds between the rows while creating ridges that will allow the beans to be cut more efficiently in the fall.
The rolling baskets, which look like giant pastry cutters between the tines, shield young plants from the disturbance of the passing machine. They keep the dirt from burying the plants.
This type of digging takes patience and precision. The plants should be nervous when the cultivator is coming. If it is driven off the row or too fast the plant is in peril.
The plants are undamaged and seem to be waving farewell to Robbie.
And the careful cultivator disappears into the morning light.

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