Monday, June 28, 2010

Sturdy Plants

It's Summertime!

Glorious Summertime! 

Summer is short and sweet in GriggsDakota, and busy. 
When we moved back to the farm, we wanted to have plants in our yard that could survive with little assistance. 
So Farmer Fred looked around at farmsteads that had been abandoned for years to see what was left growing in them. 
From there we compiled a list and have tried to plant from it. 
We have not adhered to it strictly. The old spirea were white.
 But our sturdy plants have provided us beauty and bounty despite our lapses in care. 
Despite October Snow 
We have had May Rhubarb,
June Strawberries
and the promise of more berries to come.
    Our climate is not tropical.
And our gardeners do not possess the Disney magic.
We have to protect our plantings from deer, bulls, lawnmowers and other dangers.
But it is Summertime!
Glorious Summertime!
We will take time to smell the roses.
And our roses
Must be sturdy plants.

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