Monday, June 7, 2010

Soybeans Emerging

Planted about ten days ago, soybeans are emerging in GriggsDakota. The strength of these tiny seedlings is inspiring as I try to capture the start of their life in our field.
Soybeans like to use the buddy system to push to the surface and often two or three seedlings come up together. I can relate to that. It is very comforting to stand close to a friend.
Some of the rain that has fallen since these were planted has been heavy. Farmer Fred was concerned that the ground could form a crust that the soybeans could not penetrate. That would have meant a pass over the field with a rotary hoe. Notice that there are cracks on the ground. The plants cause these cracks as they move to the warm surface and other seedlings follow, emerging in the cracks.
We found that the moisture is still near the surface and the seedlings had found the sunshine. Soybeans will flourish in moist ground and warm temperatures.
There is going to be crop loss in the low spots where water has filled into seeded ground, but the moisture will increase the yield of productive soybean plants in the field. The balance of loss to increase is yet to be determined.
The tiny plants make delicate ribbons of green on the ground. The soybeans have plenty of moisture to get off to a good start.

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