Friday, June 4, 2010

Road Grader

Most roads in GriggsDakota are surfaced with gravel, which has been hauled and applied to the roadbed at significant cost to the taxpayers.
During the winter of scraping the snow off the road, much of the gravel is moved to the shoulder of the road where weeds and grasses sprout in it as they encroach into the roadway.
If I think back to my very earliest recollections, there is a yellow road grader. The one in my memory is Cattleman Jim's favorite toy. The road grader above is a very important part of the maintenance of gravel roads in GriggsDakota. The road grader cuts into the side of the road and moves the accumulated gravel back onto the road.
The grader redistributes the gravel across the road leaving a ridge on the edge of the road which will break down onto the road in the coming weeks.
The road is smoothed and the surface restored.

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