Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making Clouds

Farmer Fred has finished making rain, I mean applying liquid nitrogen. He is now started making clouds, I mean applying fungicide to the winter wheat.
The wheat growing next to the AdFarm corn is headed out and has begun flowering. Our wet conditions make it a good idea to stop disease before it starts. Fungal disease starts on the petals as the head is flowering. It then travels into the head of wheat where it destroys the developing kernels. Our primary purpose for this pass is to get the fungicide onto the heads and stop this destructive process.
Wheat flowering is subtle, but you can see tiny petals appearing on the side of the kernels of wheat. Click HERE to see pictures of flowering wheat from last season.
A secondary benefit of this application is to reduce leaf disease which is also a threat to crop production. Healthy leaves are necessary to gather the sunshine and bring this crop to its full yield potential. 

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